2018 Idaho Regatta Returns After One Year Hiatus

The Idaho Regatta returned to Burley, Idaho last weekend after a one year absence due to high water levels in 2017. My wife and I have attended each year since we re-located in Idaho five years ago. Thanks a million to my son-in-law Jason Stevens, sales manager for Watkin’s Distributing, this area’s Budweiser merchants, for the complimentary tickets. Just pack a picnic lunch, sun-screen, lawn chairs, and your favorite beverages (some of us are alcohol-free) and chill out by the Snake River, until it begins. Plenty of sun, fun, and for many, Bud, to go around. Our first year here, it was over 100 degrees (120 in the port-a-potties)! It wasn’t pleasant until the action began. One thousand to fifteen hundred horsepower boats that can go up to 130mph race around an island for four laps to determine heat winners on Saturday and eventually champions on Sunday. There are limitations on some races. Some you are disqualified if you go over 85mph and some 100mph. The racers have a GPS system that tells the officials if they break that limit. Racers from allover, including one from New Zealand this year compete. There was no going around the island this year. It was too windy and the water treacherous. So they circled in front of us instead of disappearing behind the island for a few seconds. The roar of the engines wakens everyone from their somberness when they line up. It is loud and sounds so powerful!! The temperatuure was in the mid to upper 70’s this year, and 20-25mph winds. Part of the race was delayed until Sunday. The K-boats, the big guys had to wait a day. Something about they need the water calmer to function properly. Oh well. Some chicken, a few chips, diet Pepsi, and a lot of exciting races later, we left for home. Some content, some -despite a ton of sun-screen-lobsteresque. Ask my wife, lol. Next year!!