No Champs But Nothing But Winners

No Champs – Plenty of Winners

Saturday my wife and I had the pleasure of watching our granddaughter play in a volleyball “tournament”. Tournament was in quotations because it wasn’t really a tournament. No champion was crowned! Just pure fun and showcasing of some very talented young ladies in the 10-12 year range. The teams were from many cities in the Southern Idaho area and held in Filer. Twin Falls, Gooding, Minico, Declo, and our granddaughter’s team from Kimberly to name a few. Four games each to busy themselves on a crisp spring Saturday. The youth activities here are awesome. For boys as well as girls. It makes me smile to see so much going on for the children here. In fact, a little jealous. Nothing like this existed in my town when I was growing up except boys Little League baseball (no tee ball either). Kids are taught the value of teamwork and to help those with less than average athletic ability learn the game and have fun. Be part of something instead of being apart from things. No trophies. No clear winner. No dog eat dog competition. Sure they want to win. Everyone wants to be a winner. In this case, everyone is a winner. The girls, the coaches, the families and society. Every community could use more of this and less blood and guts competition. Childhood sporting events should be about forming good relationships with their peers and having fun. Doing their best regardless of winning or losing. Kudos to anyone involved with Southern Idaho youth sports events. Even though my granddaughters team won all four matches, EVERYONE went home a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!


NFL Draft Day!!!

The 2018 NFL Draft is happening this weekend!!! One of the most anxious days of the year! How will my team improve? More importantly, how will my wife’s team improve so it will be a happy household lol. Will there be a massive trade? Who’s testing the free agent market and who will be drafted to replace them? Many questions and we unpatiently wait for the answers. The Packers are my team and their were no playoff games for the first time in many years. Of course, when Aaron Rodgers goes down, so does the Pack. When Green Bay drafted Brett Hundley a few years ago to apprentice under Aaron, I remember saying “Who?”. I didn’t feel he was the answer and last year’s showing when Mr. Rodgers went down proved me right. Thanks Brett. You will never be Brett 2.0 or anything close. We need a promising backup and soon. Aaron is getting any younger and if he gets injured… Hopefully he can last as long as Tom Terrific. Maybe another Super Bowl or two. That would be… well SUPER!!! It appears there will be no Dez Bryant in Packerland. I was hoping they could re-sign Jordy at a lesser salary. Personally, I would prefer Jordy. Bryant is too much of a diva for Lombardiland. Hopefully Vince Biegel will be healthy and be able to compliment Nick Perry and Clay Matthews. He was a wrecking ball at Wisconsin.  In the secondary, I hope they can get the cornerback from Iowa whose name I can’t ever remember even though I watched him play several games. My wife is a Hawkeye fan so I have to watch them. Boy they destroyed Ohio State! I believe his name is Josh Jackson. He intercepted 3 passes and returned two foe TD’s against the Badgers. Hopefully Lance Kendricks can return to form. Adding Jimmy Graham has to help. I wanted the Pack to latch onto him when he was a free agent from the Saints. Better late than never. Ty Montgomery and Randall Cobb need to stay healthy. If they need to trade up to get a running back, I wouldn’t be disappointed. We have 14 picks. All in all, the Packers are a young team with a promising season ahead and could take it all. Please God, keep Aaron upright. A report on my wife’s team, the Denver Broncos will be coming.

Patrick Reed Masterful at Masters, But….

The Masters is my favorite golf event. The different flowers,shrubs,and trees at each hole makes it the most beautiful course in the world. I look forward to golf’s first major every year. This year, Rory McElroy began his quest for the final piece of golf’s Grand Slam. He played well until the final pairing on Sunday. He choked. Jordan Speith entered the day a long ways back and nearly pulled off the largest comeback in Masters history. Ricky Fowler’s last hole comeback came up short. The winner? Patrick Reed. Who? He’s just a quiet,consistent, and emotionless golfer who just goes about his business. He’s best known for his excellent match play in the Ryder Cup. My hat’s off to him. He didn’t play great on Masters Sunday, but he did enough to win. I fely a little sorry for him. There was much more fanfare about the other golfers, it seemed , than him. Including one Tiger Woods. It appeared more people were interested in how well he would play. The answer: not bad. For being rusty. He will win again. But so will Patrick Reed.


College Basketball Champs

Congrats to Notre Dame Ladies and Villanova Mens college basketball teams for completing their 2017-2018 journey and finishing on top. What? NAll in all,a fun to watch season. Until the mens tournament, there really weren’t any dominant mens teams. Everyone was beatable. But Villanova made it look easy. Three pointers shot from Mexico went in at a ridiculous rate. My bracket had a Michigan-Michigan State final. So, I was only half right. Poor Virginia. God hates them. Years ago they were upset by Chaminade and this year destroyed by a 16-seed, the first 16-seed to beat a number one ever. Thank you UMBC. Now any team can believe they can do it. On the womens side, Notre Dame appearts to have UConns number. At least in the tournament. I believe they have a 4-3 record against them. The parity in womens competition is no where near that in mens. If you bet on womens B-ball, take the higher ranked team and you generally win. I believe some people went bankrupt betting onmens games this year. I will probably be dead before a number 16 beats a number one in womens college basketball. So now , I look forward to my third favorite season-major league baseball. But wait!! There’s more!! The Masters and the NFL draft coming up in the next few weeks. I’ll be in heaven once more!