Yankees Heating Up

It’s easy for me to writeabout the Yankees-been a fan for 55 years. Read all the books about the greats from back in the day. My concern going into the season was not the production at the plate, but could any of their pitchers get it over the plate. Tanaka so far has been up and down. Sonny Gray has been anything but sunny. Montgomery has been temporarily shelved. German started great and may just be an above average addition to the rotation. And then there’s Severino. Wow! He’s been sensational. He’s now 6-1 with an ERA just above 2. Kershaw type stats. Giancarlo is getting to know the American League pitchers better so beware. Didi has been slumping, but no worries. The guy I’m waiting to see get going is Brett Gardner. He’s scored a lot, but is barely hitting his weight. After a quarter of the season, the Yankees are beginning to flex their muscles. With a little more pitching, they’ll be almost unbeatable.


Brewers Starting Out Cold

Yelich and Cain were supposed to help the Brewer offense. Offense is still struggling. Bottom of the order not hitting at all. Sogard was sent to the Minors after going hitless 27 ab in a row. On the brite side the starting pitching has been adequate and relief pitching is lights out. Knebhl is back but Harder and Jefferies have been more than good while he was on the dl.

Big question is will the offense come around? Hoping they hit better when the weather warmer.

Written by John Zwickey of Madison,WI.[BLUE]Light Comfortable Leather Baseball Outfilders-Gloves LEFT


Packers 2018 Draft Picks Questionable?

The Green Bay Packers 2018 draft picks were interesting to me. Earlier I mentioned how much I wanted Josh Jackson from Iowa to be a Packer. We got him! Why he was available in the second round is beyond me. Evidentaly, they thought higher of Jaire Alexander than of Josh. I don’t know much about Alexander, but I saw Jackson every Saturday because my wife is a Hawkeye fan. Who couldn’t be, with the heart wrenching tribute to the children’s hospital during home games. We should get much needed help in the secondary. Tramon Williams is back and can show them a few things. Ha Ha is getting better and better. Still a little ticked that Sam Shields didn’t come back to the Pack. Loved to watch him play. I’m hoping Vince Biegel stays healthy and plays alongside Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. All this help won’t matter if they can’t mount a pass rush. No cover man can sustain coverage for 6 seconds and even a mediocre NFL quarterback can complete a pass with protection for that long. Mike Daniels can put the pressure on as well as Dean Lowry, but can anyone else? Clay played injured a lot and needs to stay healthy and get back to form. Remember, defense wins championships, and Green Bay is lagging behind many strong defenses. Like the Vikings. On offense, I wonder why so many wide recivers were picked. Jordy was let go, and he was one of the best. Money reasons? Davante Adams is becoming great and Randall Cobb hasn’t been able to stay on the field. He has yet to be the impact that’s been predicted. Geronimo Allison is someone I love to watch. Maybe a starter? Three rookie wide receivers seems a little much. Couldn’t they find a pass rusher? Or running back? I was hoping Sony Michel would be available. It’s yet to be seen just how good Ty Montgomery is. Jamaal Williams is an above average back and fun to watch. Aaron Jones? Hopefully Ty can stay healthy this season. Thank you God for Jimmy Graham! Maybe that addition will help Lance Kendricks be better than last year. We also need a decent backup signal caller. The other Brett just isn’t the answer should St. Aaron goes down. Should be an interesting year in Lambeauland. Hopefully, the majority of the players can stay healthy unlike last year. Should you-know-who go down, it will be another disappointing year.