Surprise, Surprise, I Have To Pick The Patriots

The Patriots will win the Lombardi Trophy for the third time in 4 years. How can you not pick them? The best franchise (sorry Packer fans), the best quarterback (sorry Aaron et al), the best coach (sorry Vince), to set foot on the gridiron. Not a fan but watching them is like watching a well oiled machine. I’m going to sit back, eat suasage,chees, and cracker, enjoy good company and my world famous chili and watch the machine at work. Deep down, I want the underdog Eagles. Tired of New England. If I were a betting man, I’d take the Eagles and the points. But, I’m not. New England by 4.

Patriots Do What Patriots Do

New England Patriots pull off yet another come from behind victory with little timeleft on the clock. You did see the Super Bowl last year didn’t you? They beat the Jaguars in this fashion this time. Now they go for another Lombardi Trophy. Like them or hate them, they are the best, if not the classiest franchise in the history of the NFL (sorry Vince). They have possibly the best quarterback in the history as well ( sorry Aaron, et al). After halftime, they are nearly invincible. On to Minnesota Pats.

Eagles Bare Their Claws-Slash Vikings

I was rooting for the Vikings to play the big one in their stadium and pound the Patriots and become the first Super Bowl Champs to win in their home stadium. Philly had other ideas. The Vikes started out on fire by scoring on their opening drive and looked unstoppable. That was all the good for them. The Eagle defense came alive and Nick Foles and company dissected the vaunted Minnesota defense. They were not any resemblance of the Purple People Eaters of lore. Remember the Dante Culpepper led 15-1 team? When the Vikes got him, I told all my many Vikings fans that they would never win a Lombardi trophy with him at the helm. They didn’t. Now the dilemma for them will be the quarterback situation for next year. Sam Bradford? Can’t stay on the field for 19 games. Teddy Bridgewater? The little I’ve seen from him has been unimpressive-not a Super Bowl winning quarterback. I like Case Keenum and he could do it. But I believe the Vikes will make yet another bonehead move when it comes to making that decision. Alex Smith? Who knows with Minnesota.

Admission – I’m A Closet Vikings Fan

Except when they play the Green Bay Packers or are involved in a game the Pack needs them to lose. Actually, I am just a NFL football junkie. Some teams I like less than others and for different reasons. Their style of play, their uniforms, a couple of their players, or even the coach. In the case of the Vikings, it’s all of the above with the exception of the coach who I know little about. If the Packers aren’t in the playoffs, then I’m a fan of the team from the Black and Blue division that is in it. Even the Bears. And Lions, if they ever make it my lifetime. I’ve enjoyed watching them since Fran Tarkenton created Houdini moves on the field. Man, he frustrated me when they played the Pack. And Carl Eller was always laying on top of our quarterback. Bud Grant was a coaches coach. Yes, that was back in the day. But I admit I have felt sadness over each Viking Super Bowl loss. I’m hoping that changes this season. My dream Super Bowl would be for the Vikes to play the Patriots, be the first team to win the Lombardi Trophy in their home stadium ( I doubt there will ever be a Super Bowl game in Lambeau-lol), and jump out to a 23 point lead. I doubt that they would blow it. Another desire would be to hear from some Vikes fans and explain something to me – Skol.

Nick Saban – A One in 30 Million Genius

Out of the 30 million or so viewers of this year’s College Football Championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide, there was probanly only one person who even thought about replacing Jalen Hurts with freshman Tua Tagovailoa after halftime. Nick Saban. Love, hate, or envy the Tide because they get a lot of the top recruits and “Just win, Baby”, they also have the best head coach. This move was pure genius and cemented his name alongside another legacy. Someone called Bear and who happened to also coach Alabama. They both have six National Championships. Nick Saban will get more. Probably enough for all ten fingers and maybe a few for his toes. TuaTagovailoa is now a household name, even if you’re one of the several million who can’t pronounce his name without help. Yes, he threw the pass. Yes, DeVonta Smith caught the pass. But it was Nick Saban’s genius (or the riverboat gambler in him), that produced the opportunity. Roll Tide!

Badgers Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Turnover Chain

Kudos to the Wisconsin Badgers for beating the Miami Hurricanes on their home turf in this year’s Orange Bowl. They beat them at their own game-creating turnovers. They won that battle as well as the second half battle 3-1 and a final of 34-24. After an ominous start in which Bucky fumbled on the opening drive, Alex Hornibrook, Jonathon Taylor and a bend but don’t break defense, they took a couple links out of the Canes’ vaunted Turnover Chain. Too bad they gave up all those big plays inthe Big 10 championship game against Ohio State. Otherwise, they maybe playing for the National Championship tonight.

Ho-Hum Jaguars Maul Bills

What a boring game unless you love defense. Thanks to Bortles’ running, because he couldn’t connect with a receiver, Jacksonville kept the Buffalo Bills from winning a playoff game in over 20 years. The Steelers will dominate the Jags, especially if Antonio Brown is healthy. We’ll see how Big Ben will be.

Falcons Make Lambs Out Of Rams

Matt Ryan and a stingy Falcons defense made lamb meat out of the Los Angeles Rams. When they score 20 or more points (this year not in last year’s Super Bowl choke), close the door and get ready for the next game. All predator bird game. Eagles without Carson Wentz have not scared anyone. Mattie Ice and gang will score more than 20-see ya next year Philly.

Chiefs Choke On Home Cooking-Again!

Not sure why this is happening but Kansas City can’t seem to win a playoff game at home. All those weapons and yet the streak is now 0 for the last 6. Part of it was due to Kelce getting smucked and out for the game (and now the season) because he failed the concussion protocol. The upstart young Titans reward? A visit to New England. The Chiefs handled them the first week of the season. Not a chance for Tennessee. I like Alex Smith but am glad the 49ers chose him ahead of Aaron Rodgers.

Saints Brees Into Second Round

New Orleans’ elite quarterback Drew Brees fired missles and his receivers made all-pro adjustments to make catches as the Saints go marchin’ on to the second round of the playoffs. brees more than compensated for the ground game that was often stuffed by the Panthers defense. Speaking of defense, it was nice to see the NFC’s biggest crybaby on the ground several times. Next test? The Minnesota Vikings defense and their rejuvenated offense. If Sam Bradford plays instead of Case Keenum, I will not root for the Vikings, even though I would love to see them beat New England and be the first team to win a Super Bowl on their home field.