About Us:
This Sports website, allthletesinaction.com was started in May 2017 by a gentleman in southern Idaho who is not a sports enthusiast but a self-proclaimed “Sports Junkie”. Ever since he was given a plastic bat and wiffle ball, he claims he was hooked. Not just the major sports either. Any sport. And this was before hot dog eating, dog shows, and spelling bees were considered sports. When soccer was only played overseas, lacrosse was only played somewhere on the east coast, and golf was played by those who could afford country club dues. Over the years as the major sports became so popular thanks to cable and satellite TV, and so-called experts and retired sports heroes popped up out of the woodwork, he often wondered about the thoughts, opinions and insights of Average Joe, like him. The millions who really don’t care about Mike Trout’s average on Wednesday nights during a full moon while watching the 24 hr. a day stat laden, fill up the time slot sports shows. And what about some of the sports that don’t sell Budweiser or Viagra. Don’t they deserve some attention? Don’t people have interest, opinions, and questions about other sports? They have no voice on sports shows and if they email Mike and Mike, do they get an answer? Most likely not. This forum provides the silent and unrecognized sports majority the opportunity to ask, share, and be heard. This is the Voice of Average Joe. So grab your favorite beverage, a bag of chips, put your feet up, stop screaming at the over analytical experts and disturbing your family and neighbors, tune into allathletesinaction.com on your Smartphone or laptop and share. Your insights, questions, suggestions and opinions are important to us. You will be heard!!