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Cheering for the Brewers two nights a week!

Raised as a Colorado Rockies fan. I grew up going to Coors Field in Denver with my Grandpa and Grandma. They would get cheap “Rock Pile” tickets and we would enjoy a sunny afternoon at the park learning the game and eating peanuts! It was a favorite past time and now that my Grandpa is no longer with us, the memories are cherished deeply.

Now let’s get into the Chicago Cubs, I honestly don’t remember the exact time I became a Cubs fan. But I wanna say it was about 7 years ago. Justin was a huge NFL fan and I wasn’t that interested. I was more into Nascar and he wasn’t interested in that. So we met in the middle with Baseball. We started watching the Cubs off and on and became more familiarized with the team. So we decided to go check them out at Wrigley Field. We were instantly hooked. The feel and warmth of Wrigley just was Home. I suppose from that moment on I knew the Cubs were my team.
So. Anyways my daughters started their first year of fast pitch this summer. I decided to move them into that program so that we are prepared for high school and they can learn a lot more of the dynamics of softball. And let’s be honest, fast pitch is so much more entertaining than slow pitch. So we signed up in our leisure club here in town. They play on “Major League” teams. So of course I was just praying to god my girls (who are both on separate teams) didn’t get stuck on the Cardinals or the Yankees. And was just hoping I would have pure luck and the would end up on the Cubs. Nope. That didn’t happen. They BOTH ended up on the Milwaukee Brewers, not just one. BOTH. (Insert face palm)

Now I now The Cubs and Brewers have a very strong rivalry, but I look at it as more of a friendly rivalry. Unlike one with the Cardinals or White Sox.
I honestly LOVE Wisconsin, I love the people, I love the towns. I spend a lot of time there and have met some of the most amazing people from that state. I have a lot of friends who are Brewers fans and we are constantly going back and forth about our teams. So they thought it was quite funny to see my kids wearing Brewers jerseys!

The first few nights of ball were very interesting. We had worked with our kids quite frequently to get them prepared, batting cages, pitching machines, etc.
Our oldest daughter pitched slow pitch so she wanted to attempt fast pitch. The coaches really worked with her and prepared her.

Monday was her debut. They had a double header and she was going to start the 2nd game. I’m most certain I was a million times more nervous than she was. Justin kept telling me to chill out and she would be fine. She also forgot her face mask so all I could think of was her getting a line drive straight to her braces. All in all she did well, she didn’t do great and still needs A lot of practice on her release technique. But this is why I put my kids into this leisure. To improve their skills. I love watching them change and grow with their team every single week. And although it kills me inside to cheer for the Brewers…..my girls still know Mama is a Cubs fan for life!


Written by my niece Amanda Smith. Thank you for sharing!