Cinderella, 2018 MLB and Maybe More

The Final Four is set for NCAA basketball. My original bracket had Villanova and Michigan in it. It also had Michigan State and Cincinatti in it. How Many had Loyola-Chicago aka Cinderella in it? Probably millions-in heaven. Nothing would make me smile more than to see Loyola take the cake. I grow weary of the “Big Boys” always winning it. I did have MSU over Michigan in the final. The Wolverines were playing great basketball after a so-so first half of the season. I still have them winning it over Villanova in bracket number 5 lol. What a great BB season where anyone can win because of the lack of dominant teams this year. Their may be a new NCAA rule adopted for next year: no divine fans or mascots. I’m sure having a fan such as Sister Jean will be deemed unfair and will be banned from courtside attendance next year-especially if they win it all. It is the NCAA after all. The organization with 3000 pages of rules and only 100 are viable. Loyola may be under investigation  by the NCAA or probation because something HAS to be wrong if they win it. My prayers, as if you need any more, are with you Loyola.

Major League baseball begins today!!! No, it’s not April yet. The earliest start ever? At least in quite awhile. Being a Cubbies fan, I hope they can repeat their 2016 performance. Many spring training followers say this is the best team they have seen. Many say it is a better team than last year. Go Cubbies!