College Basketball Champs

Congrats to Notre Dame Ladies and Villanova Mens college basketball teams for completing their 2017-2018 journey and finishing on top. What? NAll in all,a fun to watch season. Until the mens tournament, there really weren’t any dominant mens teams. Everyone was beatable. But Villanova made it look easy. Three pointers shot from Mexico went in at a ridiculous rate. My bracket had a Michigan-Michigan State final. So, I was only half right. Poor Virginia. God hates them. Years ago they were upset by Chaminade and this year destroyed by a 16-seed, the first 16-seed to beat a number one ever. Thank you UMBC. Now any team can believe they can do it. On the womens side, Notre Dame appearts to have UConns number. At least in the tournament. I believe they have a 4-3 record against them. The parity in womens competition is no where near that in mens. If you bet on womens B-ball, take the higher ranked team and you generally win. I believe some people went bankrupt betting onmens games this year. I will probably be dead before a number 16 beats a number one in womens college basketball. So now , I look forward to my third favorite season-major league baseball. But wait!! There’s more!! The Masters and the NFL draft coming up in the next few weeks. I’ll be in heaven once more!