Eagles Bare Their Claws-Slash Vikings

I was rooting for the Vikings to play the big one in their stadium and pound the Patriots and become the first Super Bowl Champs to win in their home stadium. Philly had other ideas. The Vikes started out on fire by scoring on their opening drive and looked unstoppable. That was all the good for them. The Eagle defense came alive and Nick Foles and company dissected the vaunted Minnesota defense. They were not any resemblance of the Purple People Eaters of lore. Remember the Dante Culpepper led 15-1 team? When the Vikes got him, I told all my many Vikings fans that they would never win a Lombardi trophy with him at the helm. They didn’t. Now the dilemma for them will be the quarterback situation for next year. Sam Bradford? Can’t stay on the field for 19 games. Teddy Bridgewater? The little I’ve seen from him has been unimpressive-not a Super Bowl winning quarterback. I like Case Keenum and he could do it. But I believe the Vikes will make yet another bonehead move when it comes to making that decision. Alex Smith? Who knows with Minnesota.