How Many Strikes Until You’re Out By Josh Gordon?

Josh Gordon in trouble again? Imagine that! This NFL bad boy gets more negative air time than on the field time. I empathize with his issues as I am a recovering addict and know of the struggles. In no way am I judging him. I will refrain from calling him an addict. If he is, he needs to own it. But his issues reflect that of the behavior of one. As a former drug and alcohol counselor, Every addict shows these behaviors. Only Josh Gordon’s is magnified by his occupation and the media.

From my view, Josh is in a lot of denial, which is the main component in the disease of addiction.” I don’t need to change. Nobody understands me.” The list of excuses goes on. The key to change? Admission and following a program of recovery. This usually doesn’t happen until enough consequences are administered and one surrenders.

Sports organizations are trying their best to get a grip on addiction and other behavioral problems. I salute that.But no matter how good an athlete a man is, how many chances does one get until there are no more. As long as a person is given another chance, you can pretty much determine that the behavior won’t change until there are no more chances. And that is still not a given.

Josh Gordon is a good player and I love watching him play.But he may need to be banned from playing, maybe for life, and hopefully that will be the consequence he needs to make the changes he needs to make for himself. Many addicts die from too many chances. In sports as well as every place in life, there needs to be a line and no more chances. That may be the opportunity for a chance at living a life.