MLB: The New Brew Crew and Other Tidbits

Being from Wisconsin, I was automatically a Brewer fan in the 70’s, even though I’m a Yankees and Cubs fan first. As a young lad, I read all the books on all the Yankees legends – Ruth, Gerhig, Dimaggio, Berra, etal. Cable TV and WGN showing all the Cubs games lured me to follow the Cubbies. Banks, Santo, Kessinger, Beckert, Jenkins, etc. Robin Yount was an 18 year old rookie, and that attracted me. They made it to a world series and lost. Since then, being a small market team, the money for high priced free agents wasn’t there. Who needs money? The Twins always made a run as did the Royals. Since the end of last season, the Brew Crew has been an improving team. They’re not Bambi’s Bombers. They’re just a sound fundamental team playing good baseball. They do have a habit of beating less than .500 teams and playing below that against teams with a winning record. I expect that to change. They are in the same division as the Cubs and Cardinals. How the Cubs are winning with a motley crew of starting pictures and hitters not measuring up is beyond me. Yu Darvish has been a bust, Quintana has been mediocre, Hendricks isn’t fooling anyone. And they let Jake Arrieta get away! Right now that division is up for grabs.

Watching the Yankees has been fun. They are never out of the game. They may hit close to 300 homers for the year. Judge has improved. Stanton and Sanchez haven’t hit their stride. Torres and Andujar are outplaying most rookies. Severino has been untouchable. Even with up and down pitching from Gray, Tanaka, and the loss of Montgomery, their bullpen has been lights out for the most part. Only the Red Sox who are having a great start are in their way. The Yankees, Red Sox, and Astros are way above the rest. Verlander is in a whole different league than everyone else. Closebehind are Morton and McCullers. Their starting staff is on pace for a record even with Keuchel under acheiving.

Watch out for the Angels though. They are holding their own even though they have half their team on the disabled list. Ohtani is a freak of nature and just getting warmed up. And now, he too, is on the list. Once they get healthy, they will be a playoff team to be reckoned with. Thanks to Trout mostly. There’s my prediction for four of the playoff teams in the AL.

In the NL, I see the Cubs, Cardinals, D-backs, Dodgers (if they get healthy) and I’ll through in the surprising Phillies in the mix. Maybe the New Brew Crew too!