No Champs – Plenty of Winners

Saturday my wife and I had the pleasure of watching our granddaughter play in a volleyball “tournament”. Tournament was in quotations because it wasn’t really a tournament. No champion was crowned! Just pure fun and showcasing of some very talented young ladies in the 10-12 year range. The teams were from many cities in the Southern Idaho area and held in Filer. Twin Falls, Gooding, Minico, Declo, and our granddaughter’s team from Kimberly to name a few. Four games each to busy themselves on a crisp spring Saturday. The youth activities here are awesome. For boys as well as girls. It makes me smile to see so much going on for the children here. In fact, a little jealous. Nothing like this existed in my town when I was growing up except boys Little League baseball (no tee ball either). Kids are taught the value of teamwork and to help those with less than average athletic ability learn the game and have fun. Be part of something instead of being apart from things. No trophies. No clear winner. No dog eat dog competition. Sure they want to win. Everyone wants to be a winner. In this case, everyone is a winner. The girls, the coaches, the families and society. Every community could use more of this and less blood and guts competition. Childhood sporting events should be about forming good relationships with their peers and having fun. Doing their best regardless of winning or losing. Kudos to anyone involved with Southern Idaho youth sports events. Even though my granddaughters team won all four matches, EVERYONE went home a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!