How The Patriots Win All Those Lombardi Trophies?

The Patriots don’t need prayers or special help from the officials (although many would say the refs are their twelfth, thirteenth, etc players) to win this years Super Bowl. I mean, weren’t  the football gods on their side last year? Probably not. Bill Belichick and his host of merry men can put Humpty Dumpty back together again at halftime and capture football’s Holy Grail. Again, see last year’s SB and a couple of games this year. Although I root for ANY team not from New England to win it all, watching the Patriots play is amazing. Like a Lamborghini on cruise control travelling down the Interstate. At any speed. Tom Brady just won his third MVP award. He’s fricking 40 years old and showing no signs of middle age. So it’s not true that only kickers play well beyond 40? This will be how many championship games with the Patriots? I believe they are 5-3. Not sure if that’s just the Brady/Belichick era or all time. I stopped watching all the hype shows because of the one-sidedness. There is another team playing today, right? The Eagles are no slouch. They got here without their starting quarterback. Not sure the Pats would have. I mean, who is Brady’s backup? Can’t be anyone who scares anybody or else Tom Remove the Threat Brady would’ve made sure the Krafts traded him away. A few years ago, Nick Foles had one of the greatest seasons by a QB in the history of the NFL. Although mostly a journeyman and backup since, he’s back at home and feeling it. He was like a surgeon against the Vikings. Of course, most of the hype has been for the offenses. Everyone knows that defenses win the Big Ones. The Falcons defense was exhausted by the end of the third quarter last year. I never thought I would say this: they played too hard and didn’t have good backups. They simply burnt themselves out. So, Philly, don’t burn yourselves out and yBradyou should hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Nick and Company will score enough. Your defense is better than theirs. Although I won’t bet against Brady, I think overall the Eagles are better. Can the Ferrari beat the Lamborghini?