Yankees Heating Up

It’s easy for me to writeabout the Yankees-been a fan for 55 years. Read all the books about the greats from back in the day. My concern going into the season was not the production at the plate, but could any of their pitchers get it over the plate. Tanaka so far has been up and down. Sonny Gray has been anything but sunny. Montgomery has been temporarily shelved. German started great and may just be an above average addition to the rotation. And then there’s Severino. Wow! He’s been sensational. He’s now 6-1 with an ERA just above 2. Kershaw type stats. Giancarlo is getting to know the American League pitchers better so beware. Didi has been slumping, but no worries. The guy I’m waiting to see get going is Brett Gardner. He’s scored a lot, but is barely hitting his weight. After a quarter of the season, the Yankees are beginning to flex their muscles. With a little more pitching, they’ll be almost unbeatable.